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Enjoy a Cool Cabin Again

Get dependable trailer truck AC repair services in East Dubuque, IL

Tired of riding around in a sweltering truck cab? Turn to RT&T Repair Inc for reliable trailer truck AC services in East Dubuque, IL. We can inspect your faulty AC system, pinpoint any issues and repair them right away. That way, you won't be sweating bullets while driving up and down the road all day.

Contact us now to make a trailer truck AC repair appointment. We can repair your faulty AC system before the problem gets worse and it needs to be replaced.

Signs that you should get your AC system repaired ASAP

Don't put off your AC repairs any longer. RT&T Repair offers trailer truck AC services in East Dubuque, IL. You should schedule a trailer truck AC repair appointment right away if your truck is:

Blowing air that smells damp or musty
Blowing air that's only slightly cooler than outside air
Failing to warm up when the heating system is on
Producing low air flow, even at the highest fan setting

Arrange for expert semi-trailer truck AC repair services by calling 815-209-9595 right away.