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Liftgate Repair

Keep Your Liftgate Running Smoothly

Get routine liftgate repair and maintenance in East Dubuque, IL

If you haul freight, then you know how much a difference a liftgate can make when loading a trailer. The liftgate allows pallets of cargo to be lifted mechanically from the ground level into a trailer. The trailer repair shop at RT&T Repair Inc is proud to offer complete liftgate repair in the East Dubuque, IL area. Our team will keep your gate working properly at all times.

Visit RT&T Repair for professional liftgate and trailer repair services. Call 815-209-9595 now for an appointment.

Don't skip routine lift maintenance

Our well-trained staff can repair or replace many components of your trailer, including the liftgate. We work on all types of gates, so you can hire us to fix your:

Conventional lift
Rail lift
Column lift
Side loader
Top lift
Gas bottle lift

You can avoid expensive repairs by bringing your liftgate in for regular maintenance, and following these tips:

Always clearly calculate the gate's capacity
Make sure the load is distributed evenly
Stop using the gate if you hear an unusual noise
Never rely on a gate that is damaged

If your gate is showing signs of trouble, contact our shop in East Dubuque, IL for liftgate repair. Our trailer repair team looks forward to working with you.