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Improve the Performance of Your Truck

Schedule a tire alignment appointment in Dubuque, IL

If your truck isn't driving straight or your tires are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, it's time to schedule a tire alignment appointment at RT&T Repair Inc in Dubuque, IL. Our technicians will align your tires so you can enjoy a smoother ride and stay safe on the road. We use advanced technology to make sure our alignments are done right.

Contact us today to get dependable tire alignment services.

Keep your tires from wearing unevenly

Are your tires starting to go bald? Do you struggle to keep your truck driving straight? Choose RT&T Repair for tire alignment services in Dubuque, IL. Rotating and aligning your tires every 3,000 miles can:

Extend the life of your tires
Help keep your truck safe to drive
Improve the performance of your vehicle

Reach out right away to make a tire alignment appointment.

Repair your engine before the problem gets worse

Choose RT&T Repair for expert truck repair services. Our technicians have the equipment and experience needed to:

Tire Work

Complete EGR system cleaning

Electrical system repair

Road side assistance

Engine Overhauls

Factory Diagnostic Software

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