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DPF Cleaning

Control Your Truck's Emissions

Arrange for DPF cleaning services in Dubuque, IL

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) in your tractor trailer truck needs to be cleaned regularly to keep your truck in compliance with state and federal laws. DPFs are designed to clean the exhaust from your truck and control emissions. If your DPF is dirty, you could be polluting the air and, potentially, harming your truck's engine.

Fortunately, RT&T Repair Inc provides DPF cleaning services in Dubuque, IL. Our truck repair shop can clean your filter to help improve the performance of your truck and protect our planet.

Check out the benefits of keeping your DPF clean

RT&T Repair offers DPF cleaning services in Dubuque, IL. Keeping the DPF in your tractor trailer truck clean can:

Improve your fuel economy
Boost engine performance
Help control harmful emissions

Make a DPF cleaning appointment with our truck repair shop by calling 815-209-9595 now.

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